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White Trillium
(Trillium grandiflorum)
[TRIL-ee-um   gran-dih-FLOR-um]

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Last Update July 17, 2014

Periods of Observation:
July 11 - 17, 2014

Places of Observation:
   RBG Arboretum, RBG Hendrie Valley,
part of the Brantford Rail Trail, & a property just west of Hamilton


                       There were some special plants in bloom this week. They were special because they are fairly unique or hard to find. The first was Indian Pipe. It is always a bit of a search to find them and we found several groups this week just off the path in the Hendrie Valley. I have seldom seen this second plant and it appeared in our  labyrinth two years ago. I had to struggle and ask for help to identify it again this year as I just could not remember. It  was Canadian Milk-vetch. I could remember the vetch part but that did not help as Vetch and Milk-vetch are in different parts of my field guide.
                         The wild flower walkers, Fleur-Ange and I found 139 species in bloom this past week with 28 new species. (Humm, we had the same numbers last week even though some of the names have changed.)


 Wild or Naturalized Flowers Blooming
July 11 - 17, 2014


Monday Evening Walks                 
                                Monday, July 21 - Jerseyville Woods
                                Monday, July 28 - Warren Park

             As usual, I am still going out almost every Friday afternoon. If you are interested in joining me give me 24 hours notice so I can give you the meeting place. I usually, but not always, start at Cherry Hill Gate and go on to the Arboretum and/or the Waterfront Trail but there are exceptions.            

Photos from Fleur-Ange Lamothe


Some other Photos from Fleur-Ange

Photos From 2007

Photos from 2006



Photos and Notes from Ron Hepworth



		Ron passed away on Tuesday, September 4th, 2012. Because he kept records of
early and peak blooming times for nearly 30 years and then passed along his summaries
to me for this site, I plan on leaving his last summary here. Below is a small sample of
what the whole summary looks like:
(observed at Brantford, Ont.) FF = First Flower/Pollen
43.10'N--80.12'W PB = Peak/Mid Bloom Date
( )= Interpolated Date
E = Estimated Date

YRS 2010 MEAN 2010 MEAN IN
willow buds (sprout/green) 15 Mar 9 Mar 15 Mar 17 Mar 27 -8.0
(Salix alba vitellina) Euro. hazelnut (FF/Pollen) 13 Mar 19 Mar 21 Mar 21 Mar 30 -5.5
(Corylus avellana) skunk cabbage (pollen/PB) 13(Mar 18)Mar 25(Mar 31)Apr 2 -4.5
(Symplocarpus foetidus) --------------------------------------------------------------------- The link for the rest of the records is below:

Ron's 2010 Summary


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