Hamilton Area Wild Flower Parking Areas


All Maps from the Google Map Site

 1. Cherry Hill Gate entrance to Hendrie Valley
 2. Bruce Trail via Snake Road Parking
 3. RBG Arboretum
 4. Waterfront Trail via Princess Point Parking
 5. Waterfront Trail via Waterfront Park (or Harbourfront Park)
 6. Churchill Park - South Shore Trails
 7. Bruce Trail via Scenic Drive Parking
 8. Tiffany Falls
 9. Lions Club Road - Middle Dundas Valley
10. Lower Dundas Valley - Sanctuary Park
11. Lower Dundas Valley - Warren Park
12. Middle Dundas Valley - Lion's Pool on Jerseyville Road
13. Powerline Rd. - Upper Dundas Valley
14. Railtrail via Hwy 52 Parking
15. Christy C.A. - Middletown Road
16. Webster/Tews Falls via Park & Bond Streets
17. RBG's Rock Chapel Trails
18. Turnbull Road - Middle Dundas Valley

19. RBG from York Road
20. Jerseyville Woods
21. RBG's Berry Tract on Patterson
22. Bruce Trail via Old Guelph Road

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