Powerline Road Parking

        One can access Regional Highway 52 on the south side of Powerline Road via a 403 interchange or from Jerseyville Road West. From the north, get on via Governor's Road from the Copetown stoplight. (Governor's Road is also known as 99 or 299 depending upon where you are.
        During the dry season one can also access Powerline from the south via Paddy Green's and from the north by Slote Rd.; however,  both roads are not maintained during the winter and indicate, by signs that they are closed. As of 2009 they are still passable during good weather.
        Once on Powerline Rd. just drive until you come to the end of the road and you will find that the road is wider with parking available at that point. This access to the Dundas Valley is often used by dog walkers and trail riders so sometimes the area has horse trailers parked there too. The trail goes south from the road and one can either turn east and down a steep hill or west along the top of the valley. The walks may be circular or out and back.
        (Summit, as a village location, has not existed for years and Mineral Springs Road from Slote Rd to Hwy 52 is only open for bicycles and walkers.)


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